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British vocalist Debbie Winter has released an EP of six original songs inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper. Working closely with pianist Aidan Shepherd, the songs are evocative, haunting and harmonically rich. She’s a poetic lyricist with an intellectual edge and the songs communicate an atmospheric sense of waiting, tension and introspection; themes frequently found in Hopper’s paintings. Inspired by Miles Davis, her voice is horn like with a remarkable range and she glides effortlessly through a series complex arrangements. Her band consists of Aidan Shepherd who trained at Leeds University. He has co-written and arranged...
Christmas time is the perfect time to sit around the tree and ring in the holiday season. Gospel Jazz artist, producer and songwriter Terrence Richburg has penned a new Christmas tune called “In One Night”. The original track, written by the owner of the Stellar Award-nominated, RichEscape Music, LLC, is a jazzy yet classically-infused ballad about the Savior’s birth. The single is available in four versions: the original track with vocals, an instrumental version (showcasing an exceptional acoustic guitar and 7-string bass performance by Richburg) and a radio edit for each. Richburg’s first release in several years not only features the smoo...
Jazz connoisseurs might be forgiven for being a little Scrooge-like during the Holidays, with the sounds of watered-down Christmas music filling the air everywhere they turn. But AccuJazz Internet radio brings good news of great joy for all jazz fans: they can listen to great Christmas jazz any time of the day or night, for absolutely free, at! AccuJazz offers four different channels for the discriminating listener: Swingin’ Christmas, Christmas Instrumentals, Christmas Vocals and New Christmas Jazz. Swingin’ Christmas, the flagship channel, plays a wide selection of Christmas jazz, both old and new, vocal and instrumental. Hi...
Guitarist Randy Stephens, who lives just south of Nashville TN., has caught the attention of magazines such as ‘Guitar International’ and from others in the guitar community. When asked about Randy’s decision to give back portions of sales from his latest CD release ‘American Guitar’ Randy’s said, “I knew I wanted to participate in a charity with the earnings from my CD I just wasn’t sure which one, then I stumbled upon ‘Sweet Relief’ they help musicians with mounting medical bills. Having experienced parotid gland cancer and being a musician without medical insurance back in 2005 gave me something I could relate and knew this charity was...

Woodward Avenue Records

 Press Release

 (Gainesville, Florida – May 27, 2011) "Friday Night," the brand new project by Swedish/ American composer and piano player, Jonathan Fritzen, specifically written and recorded for Woodward Avenue Records is set to be released June 15, 2011. A new-aged tune with a great melody and a definitive old-school piano jam, Fritzen brings it all.The result is a truly groovin' and foot tappin' track in every respect. Under the hood of "Friday Night" are some of the best musicians anywhere, just having fun togther and laying down a great groove for Fritzen's blazing piano. Mixed to perfection by Darren's "Friday Night"....turn it up and enjoy!

Jonathan Fritzen – Grand Piano and Keyboards

The Band

Nate Najar - Guitars

Xxavier Chisholm – Bass

Andreas Ekstedt – Percussion

Marcus Thomas – Drums

 Composed and Produced by Jonathan Fritzen

Executive Producer – Mark C. Nordman

Mixed by Darren Rahn

For additional information, please contact:

Mark C. Nordman

President and CEO

Woodward Avenue Records

15974 NW 48th Place

Alachua, Fl 32615


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Eric Dolphy His Life and Art" is a dream project for the artist Keith Henry Brown, an illustrator, writer and Art Director who served from 2001 to 2004 as the design director at Jazz at Lincoln Center, working under Wynton Marsalis. "My aesthetic at that time was the wonderful old art of jazz record covers, which I wanted all of JALC'S branding to reflect. I think Wynton felt the same." After leaving Lincoln Center, Brown still continues to use the look of the old Blue Note covers and the wonderful drawings used on the Norman Granz Jazz at The Philharmonic records as an inspiration when designing record covers for many well-known jazz artists.

Jazz star Maria Schneider, Grammy-winning composer and big band leader, makes her Ojai Music Festival debut at the 65th Ojai Music Festival with two concerts on Sunday, June 12 at 11a.m and 5:30p.m. The annual Southern California event, June 9 though 12, usually features classical composers and performers. This year, however, music director, Dawn Upshaw is bringing together a wide-range of programs and artistic collaborations over the course of the four days. On Sunday, Schneider will offer the world premiere of "Winter Morning Walks," composed especially for soprano Upshaw, who has been described as "one of the most consequential performers of our time" by the Los Angeles Times. Performing with her in the premiere will be the Australian Chamber Orchestra.


Jazz Review Gets a Makeover

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The Jazz Review is growing to serve you!  Thank you so much for supporting the Jazz Review.  Since 1997, it's been our honor to bring you the best in jazz news, reviews, interviews and more.  When you logged on today, you probably noticed there have been some changes to the structure of the site. We are currently working on giving it a new look and adding some very interesting ways to bring you more information on the music you love.

During the ‘60s, one would have been hard pressed to find a local bar or juke joint that didn’t have a Hammond B-3 organ and the concomitant Leslie speaker as part of the landscape. Groups led by Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Sonny Stitt, Wild Bill Davis, Willis Jackson, and many others kept those kinds of places packed with people who liked to jam and finger pop to the funky sounds of the time. It’s no accident then that the major independent record labels of the day would develop a stable of artists …

A Second Listen

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Today I re-listened to EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION, the okkadisk CD released this year. I listened to it in the context of the nature of the recording: live or studio. Since I originally wrote about this CD, I have reviewed and heard other live recordings and have resultantly become increasingly aware of the way in which they are mastered.

EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION is a live recording. I did not remember being annoyed by the humming of conversation and the clanking of glasses and bottles …

The divine demoiselle, Diana Krall, performed Sunday night, singing selections from her new CD "The Look of Love," which is scheduled for release September 19. Reviews in local daily newspapers that one could find around this charming jazz-drenched village were not really positive about Diana Krall's performance, crowning her with the label "Miss Cool!"

"She shows no emotion at all. She's a pure marketing product!" And, what's worse, "She hasn't got a clue about music!"


Independent Jazz Releases

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Some of the most exciting music being recorded around the world is on independent labels, often only available through websites. These are a few that have caught my ear lately.

Johnny A: Sometime Tuesday Morning; Favored Nations (PO Box 550. Salem, MA 01970. 562-989-8707) ***

Johnny A is a Boston-based guitarist who defies easy categorizations. He reminds at times of Danny Gatton, simply for the fluidity of his playing and the seeming effortlessness of crossing stylistic …

The Genius of Ken Burns

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After watching all of the Ken Burns "Jazz" movies I am now aware of the significance of Jazz music in America. The documentaries were so informative and so interesting that it is impossible not to learn something new. Jazz is very important to me and it should be important to every American. It is the most original American form of art. Jazz is so complex that its musicians deserve the utmost respect for their talents. Judging from a difficult standpoint, Jazz is harder to play well than any oth …

Guitar Picks

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In this new era in which Palm Pilots are replacing wirebound book organizers, the preferred reading of the morning commuter has become PC Magazine and MP3 is making us all either sweat or smile, the guitar world luckily still maintains a core simplicity of wood and wires, plugs and picks.

Not to say that technology hasn't made many things better, but certain rules will always stand, and while silicon chips may make your ideas easier to get on CD, they don't replace good old-fashioned creativi …


Guitar Picks

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first installment of Guitar Picks, an educational column dedicated to the guitar's role in jazz past and present. I should begin first by telling you what I hope can be accomplished by readers and students of this column over time.

First and foremost, this column can assist beginner and intermediate guitar students of all styles in incorporating and introducing jazz sensibilities, phrasings and improvisational tools into their own playing, in hopes of …