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Buster Williams is gearing up for his latest recording-one unlike any he has done before. With the help of the legendary Brazilian guitarist/composer Toninho Horta, the pair will embark on their first ArtistShare fan-funded project taking the fans on a journey of the exploration of the influence of Brazilian music in American Jazz.

Fans will have the opportunity to interact directly with Buster and Toninho while following the creative process of these two musical masters as they explore …

Why do I like Jazz?

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Why do I like Jazz?

Recently a friend ask me this, why do you like jazz so much? A simple answer to that could be, because there’s no better music than jazz. But that would not be the right way to answer. I am sure everyone think their favorite music is the best music. But when I say there’s no better music than jazz, the only ones with a good argument against it are those who listen to classical music. Besides jazz, classical and some folk music, there’s no other music that even comes close …

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