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Jazz and the Architects

And there shall be no toil, no tribulations, as the architect knoweth of what he has done, and will continue to do; for time immemorial, within the rose peddles that have blossomed, there has been music-of one sort or another, as it experienced a prodigious growth on into present time-the twenty-first century. And behold, to all that have had the delectable pleasure of being adorned-with harmony and rhythm-by the executants that make the world of music go around and around as they institute peace and harmony to all those who tune in to the musicians that gave of their coffer, and to those who, today, continue to give of their artistry; and let not their cup runneth over, as they occupy the multitude of seats lying in state within the pews of the house of music-God's house.

For it is not without delight that we who listen, devour, enjoy, and take flight with the philanthropic display of jazz styles, forms-from dixieland, to be-bop, to big band jazz, to modernism, and the composite of what was, and is, we have the most profound execution of music that will reach beauty and ultimately, nuance. And where is it that jazz, in all it's splendor, will go from here-forward. Jazz will continue on it's journey as long it's recipients, and let them be from all over the world, lay down the red carpet for these incredible musicians as they profess their love for those of the profound galley of listeners. Without listeners, there is no love; without love, there is no harmony; without harmony, there is no peace; without peace, the world will self-destruct!

So we have architects, we have executants, and we have musicians; they all abode within a common sphere; with their electrifying gift of artistry, they represent a human entity that stands erect and stalwart, the musical cosmos-the world of music, which they have given unto us, and continue to give ad infinitum. On the bottom of it all, the architect, executant, and musician, lead up to the same item-creaticisim-that music which is brought from infancy to a musical marvel; they take a piece of sheet music, on which, are a bunch of notes and chords, and with their collective talents, they transform it into a work of art a fashion of beauty.

In retrospect, if we look back into the history of this uncanny form of music, jazz,we find the proverbial musicians, without whose help, we would have still, a long way to go, giving in support of the cause of jazz, till their coffer runneth over. Then there were those musicians who, because they were abode with a special gift, towered over some; those that warrant mention are, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Count Basie, Stan Kenton, and so many more band leaders and musicians alike; the list is an abyss of dignitaries, all of which, whose contributions are embodied in the very essence of jazz.

In all it's splendor, excitement, innovator character, it's nuance, and forever holding it's ongoing creativeness, jazz will undoubtedly be around for a cosmic nuance, which will take place at a time that, as of yet, remains an unknown; to those in, and outside the idiom itself; and behold, for that renaissance will show it's face, and there shall be, as it will, unto itself, no preview as to it's forthcoming-from the future-a sign, or a canvas on the wall telling of the precariousness, in that, when it happens, it happens!

The leaves from the cosmic trees, the resultant of a galactic revelation, bear the fruit of a blossom, as they connect to the stalk of the roots of jazz; as it is stated; the blossom does not deny the leaf, the leaf does not deny the stalk nor the stalk the root. The essence of what you just read is, a gradual passing from stage to stage of that musical enterprise which is referred to as jazz. We must think of jazz in this fashion "What is built forever is forever building." It is here that we can look at this soul lifting conglomerate of sounds that has been, is, and will forever be, the building of a style of music that has no end; it will continue to build-to grow unto itself, and let the top of the mountain, as it stands within the cosmos, never be attained; when the wick is ablaze at it's tip, the whole lamp is said to be burning.

When it comes to jazz listening, the eternal bliss is manifested in the temporal, and the latter is the pathway to the former; as jazz is an experience, behold, what is it that is experienced? the realization of fidelity as it abodes with fertility-the essence of that which is in harmony with the architects of the trade; the executants and musicians that provide the building blocks that make it all happen.

Within the stage wings of our musical drama, there lies a plethora of harmonic and rhythmic exchange-exchange of musical thought-from the intrinsic and temporal array of sonorous ideas, as the architect transforms those ideas into a musical canvas that, when the message is heard, all listeners shall behold the truth-as the canvas reveals, in musical form, the ideas executed by the architect; and let it be known that, these ideas originate within the musical mind of the executant.

>From Mt. Olympus, Poseidon, Greek God of the sea, can make the seas a reservoir of calmness; and let the seas of jazz be in a state of tranquillity as the musicians bring forth their artistry-it pervades the whole of their individualistic musical expression; for nothing great in this world can be accomplished without passion; and let passion lead the executant and the music, as played, to connect with the ultimate nuance. Passion has it's seat within the soul; the soul is the guiding light to the heart and mind of the creativism lying abode within the performing artist; let struggle be the law of growth.

The architect, the executant, and the musician, must have character; built within the storm and stress of the world. And from where, I ask you, do these gifted musicians get their energy-cosmic energy; energy lies within the cosmos; there, manifested among the billions of stars, we have energy; that it shines down on the multitude of performing artists gives birth to energy. Yet, with a cloud cover, in our galactic sphere, the energy from the cosmic notion of light continues on it's journey to all the architects as they execute their soulistic commodities with the breath of what is love.

With one-hundred years of growth, jazz was, and is, in a state of flux. During this period of ongoing changes, jazz has succumb to it's vicissitudes; the labor of love is not without trials and tribulations. And yet, as jazz abounds with the charisma of love, so it is that, love abounds with the essence of jazz; as those who listen espouse the architects of jazz-whose coffer is never empty; representing the effervescence of the euphoric disclosure of human phenomena; as the cosmic flavor of love infiltrates the composite experience of jazz in a state of flux. And let their bounty, those architects, hold up the pillars of the musical cosmos.

The architects and executants are metaphors for musicians; yet they all come under the same umbrella of jazz; having different levels of proficiency with their chosen musical endeavor; to speaketh of one is to speaketh of them all. As we continue on our adventure, we tap into the inner-sanctum of loftiness; the cosmic rendezvous with the architects of jazz. The architect knows no adversary, only the triumph that rings the bells of cosmic fall-out; God hath opened the floodgates of the Universe allowing the flow of cosmic dust to depart on it's long journey to distant galaxies and planets; let Earth be one of them; effected by the glory of the fall-out, the effect being that, all the musicians will be affected-their nuance will surface and the end result will be that of musical showers blossoming over the kingdom of jazz.

As the land covets the Earth, and the seas covet the land, so be it that, the cosmos, covet the abyss of jazz; be there a place on terra-firma where jazz cannot be heard. We look to the poles, distant apart, but tuned into to, and receive the ultimate of God's gift to the music-world cosmic fall-out, with it's sonorous by-product-harmony, rhythm, and melody. Is it not only the distant poles that reap the harvest of the on-rush of God's cosmos-permeating the vastness of that galactic sphere we call the Universe; for it is not within reward that He shall giveth to the masses of Earth energy, cosmic energy; so as they, the musicians, might fulfill their destiny-bring to all, as the dust sprinkles from the Heavens above till the end of time ad. infitum.

Within the abyss of jazz, there abounds many styles and forms; so be it that the architects and their peers, continue to accrue knowledge, as they manifest and actualize their offering as they send out their message of what the cosmic dust hath brought to them-the harmonic and melodic interlude inherited from the cosmos; let that melodic interlude be the message of love. Let love not be esoteric; it is for everyone to partake in, and with the offerings laid down by these trained professional-the architects, who, through their training and experience to the point of being a virtuoso, send out through the vibrations of infinity, the cosmic message, as they transform it into a musical commodity that can attach itself to the soul of those who have opened up from within to receive the cosmic message which when felt we have-musical enlightenment.

For some, it might be difficult to accept the concept of cosmic dust, which has been with us since the Big Bang-fifteen-billion years ago; as the dust cannot be quantified, we must look to faith; faith, as you might have it, is responsible for the search for the truth. We might get a little help here if we look at a quote from a man of faith who believed in God-Albert Einstein:

"Imagination is more import than knowledge. With knowledge, we have the facts. With imagination, we have the Universe."

So with our imagination, we can imagine almost anything-put it to work and you'll find out for yourself-it works. I have actualized this concept of imagination-it has directed me to life's endeavors that I would not normally have been exposed too-it works, trust me! As cosmic energy cannot be quantified, we must act to manifest faith in that which you want to believe in; we do this all of the time; if not cosmic dust, then pray tell, not discounting the embellished artistry of the architects, from whence did it all originate?

And the cosmos shall covet the spacial entities, the seas shall covet the land, then let the architects covet the aura of mystery that abodes within the abyss of terra-firma; as it is spoken-the mystery will unravel-as the architects roam, they emanate with the musical dust from that sphere, that cosmic interlude with-the Universe.

The architects, the executants, and the musicians, are ancillary to none; they are beckoned by the cosmic force of love, in that they shall giveth to all, the plentiful form of their artistry; be it not from a pseudo program that sways in another breeze, far distant than ours, but let it rather be, a moving sea between the shores of our souls. For it is the soul that encounters the inevitable, the musical thrust provided by the architects as they search out those who can be enjoined with the ordained gifts of harmony, and especially love.

And to the architects of musical wisdom, ye shall open up your heart and be filled with the cosmic aura of that which the architects will proffer; the sonorities that shower us with that universal attribute the love of jazz, and all it's idiosyncratic character. The power of this ordained music cannot be underestimated it will covet the Earths inhabitants with the skill of it's trained professionals; and let there be no metaphors, rather it shall be the true, essential nature, of that which we have labeled, the love of jazz.

Deep within the shadows of interstellar space, there is an abyss; within the vastness of this bottomless-endless-entity, lies the untold story of worlds before us, and others before that. Within those worlds lies, an aphorism, that in truth-animism-all things in nature have souls; it is not within our charter to isolate the concept of the soul to humans; the entity of the soul is not esoteric, it abodes within us all. It is with our intellect that we perceive and conceptualize the existence of the soul; there we find the essence of what we are made of. When we tap into the soul we find cosmic energy; it is there, waiting to be put into action; opening up from within to let it's energy be exposed to that which the architect hath to offer the mist of jazz.

And as the crow fly's, so does the mist of jazz; but with the mist of jazz, the speed is considerably faster-like the speed of light; the only constant entity in the Universe. So we let the crows fly as they will. But for the mist of jazz, it will hit Earth as does the light from a shining star; and at that, will spread the dust of jazz throughout the land, being of an infectious nature, and will infiltrate the land of jazz with it's cosmic energy. All architects, executants, and musicians, will absorb the dust and consequently breath life into the harmony and rhythms that consecrate the continuance of the most illustrious form of music in the history of jazz, a cosmic nuance.

It is indubitable that architects and their peers will subscribe to relativism in the campaign for music of a righteous nature; they continue on their journey of amelioration to purify the standards by which others will benefit; given unto them, the listeners, will be a jazz content with the delectable flavor providing nourishment to the soul; to enjoy, to devour, as their needs dictate-they listen on into that galactic harbor of the glimmering stars in the sky above. And the world shall turn with the music of love, be it a sweet caress from the hearts of the architects as they give of their artistry-descendant from the Heavens above.

To have an admixture of love and jazz, is to light the way to life's embellishments on the path to eternal bliss. And let nothing else be necessary to complete the rendezvous of those who entertain the resultant of cosmic dust. To recognize it is one thing, but to actualize it is still another. The optimism as is shown by the architects of this electrifying and steadfast form of music, make it evident that jazz will be around for some time to come; the future beholds a multitude of surprises as the performers of jazz bring forth changes, not to make the music unrecognizable, rather, to give it more defiant richness of sonorities that all performers will execute.

And let cosmic jazz abode with chromaticity as perfected by the many architects that made their heartfelt contribution; a result of study, practice, and time, to become virtuosos in their respective part of the overall portrait that they layeth before us. It is incumbent upon those who listen, to listen not only with ear, but let your heart open and allow the soul to provide a message; the message of purity of an everlasting form of art that is unequaled in chronometry; a message of time, as it slowly slips away between our fingers tips. In a cosmic state of time immemorial, we have brought to present day, through the cosmos, the shinning light that giveth to us, the future; it is incumbent upon those recipients of such a delectable form of jazz, to acknowledge the cosmiticity of it's relative nature.

Were we to measure the latitude and longitude of that which we know as cosmic jazz, it could not be done; it is found to be global; within it's state of incubation, cosmic jazz, derived from cosmic dust, will live on an infinitum, to a state of fruition that, in itself, will not see any end; and no dictum will intrude the flow of prosperity as cosmic jazz continues on it's ultimate journey of growth into another century; let the recipients experience ad ongoing shadow of cosmic dust, as the Architects of Jazz continue their quest for the hidden harmony, rhythm, and the ambiance of world cultures.

Even though the recipients of the luster of cosmic dust residue, are oceans afar, lying between the continents, the intrinsic nature of this phenomenological form of music, has, through the active cosmos, an incredible penetrating value that can, and does, transcend distant.

To all you readers, listeners, and the Architects of Jazz, I offer the following:

And the cosmos shall reign, in that we shall contemplate the fundamental statutes of their off-spring, cosmic dust. And the dust shall travel at the speed of light, filtering down to other planets and Earth-our abode. It is in God's charter that we open the door to our soul, as the dust manifests itself there; we feel the dust as the nature of music-a music created by the Architects, Executants, and Musicians, of that ever lasting euphoric cosmic sound-the illustrious sonorities of that world wide phenomena we call Cosmic Jazz. The transference of Jazz-it's vehicle, is love, from the soul of the Architect, to the open heart of the listener; for without love, there can be no jazz. And love, in it's almighty form, shall concur.

Before we leave our passionate locomotive in search for that cosmic alliance between love and jazz, let us look at what the master of philosophical thought, Socrates, had to say about being a philosopher-modified for musicians:

"Whoever has a taste for every sort of musical knowledge, harmony, rhythm, melody, and desires to learn and never has enough of it, may be named a musician."

Socrates was ahead of his time; with thoughts of a fashion, he knew the value of music and shared it with all that surrounded him; his plight to educate himself was that of asking questions of his pupils.

Lets look a little deeper and see what Socrates had to say about music education. From Plato's Republic, Book III, Socrates is talking to Glaucon, Plato's brother:

"Perhaps music will solve our problem. Musical training is so powerful because rhythm and harmony find their way into the secret places of the soul, bearing grace in their movements and making the soul graceful. Music molds character and therefore shares in determining social and political justice."

From the author:

"To contemplate the fundamental statutes of behavior aboding in God's Universe-cosmic dust, cosmic jazz, and love, with perceptions of all natural phenomena, is to hypothesize and provoke inquiry into the meaning and acceptance of entities such as, the concept of cosmic dust, and cosmic jazz as being real commodities. In doing so, we satisfy God's will in search for the truth; the truth being, the alliance between the two most powerful human commodities, Love and Jazz."

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