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One Quiet Night' with Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny fans will again change gears with the Warner Brothers release of Pat Metheny: One Quiet Night in late May. Just one year after the release of the Pat Metheny Group’s Grammy Award winning Speaking of Now, Metheny is coming out with a collection of quieter, moody solo tunes played on baritone guitar.

The most striking note about this issue may be a more casual orientation towards the recording process. Metheny literally turned on a mic in his home studio and started playing a new guitar (made by renowned Canadian luthier Linda Manzer) with what Metheny describes as a "Nashville" tune.

"The combination of this wonderful new instrument and this unusual tuning not only made some different things possible harmonically," says Metheny, "but challenged me to think about ways of playing that I wouldn’t have normally thought to go."

The upcoming record will feature two of Metheny’s all time favorite songs, "My Song" and "Ferry Cross the Mersey," as well as an acoustic version of the Pat Metheny Group anthem, "Last Train Home" (which he played at the opening of performances during the band’s most recent world tour). Metheny has written two new songs, "Song for the Boys" and "Over on 4th Street," and will add improvised pieces that he conjured during the initial recording sessions in November, 2001.

Metheny says One Quiet Night has a solitary nature: " This one (record) started and ended with just a single guitar and a mic. This record is about essentially one sound, basically one mood, and taking the time to go deep inside the single world."

Apparently, this album has tuning and recording flaws a fact that Pat Metheny readily admits. "But at the same time, these recordings have offered a window into a way of thinking about music that I honestly found myself drawn to on that evening," says Metheny.

One Quiet Night is set to hit the stores on May 24.

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