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The Cosmic Dust of Jazz

Jazz takes a ride around the world and stops here and there; wherever it stops, it leaves an indelible mark of sophistication; it rides on the power of cosmic dust. And let cosmic dust represent the galactic fall-out from the most popular and widely know form of music ever heard on Earth-and elsewhere, the music of the Universe-JAZZ!

And from this we have a mode of music which has been around for 100 years; with the help of those masterful architects, the musicians whose innovative talents, brought forth, the contributing factors that brought jazz to a stalwart form of music. And let jazz be driven forward by the cosmic locomotive; the conductors being the musicians that have made it all happen-let continuance be on their agenda; for there is no end to the promise land that awaits jazz; cosmic dust will transport the ongoing changes inherent within the music that lies just over the horizons, beckoning for a fresh light-the light of change-there cometh new adventures in harmonics, rhythm, and melody.

Jazz has achieved great strides during the last century, but is there an end? Never! The future of jazz beholds of the fortitude and experimentation from those, the executants, as they continue their quest for new avenues of harmony, new intricate rhythmic structures, and approach a new renaissance, to strive for another nuance:

"In music, there is harmony. In harmony, there is peace. In peace, there is love-jazz abounds with love. The power of love cannot be underestimated-with jazz, it is everlasting. When we speaketh of jazz, we speaketh of love."

As we look out into the cosmos, the light from the heavenly stars beckon; to us, that we believe in, and trust in, that galactic sphere that has given unto us, the power and fortitude to cognitize the various elements of music that maketh our lives so brillant; in that the music was there, with time and light as we know it today-in our galaxy. For as we look out to the cosmos, we look back in time; and let there have been music then, in whatever style or form, as we know it today. If we are to relish and profit from the music of time past, then we shall honor and respect it's very existence; as it is for us, a multitude of song, be it one form or another, so as to open the door of our musical mind and the heavens shall give unto us-showers-a plentitude of music that in our own time, will continue on for eternity.

To all those great musicians who have come and gone, they have left for us, an abyss, of that which will continue to teach, guide, and lead us on to new musical endeavors leading to new plateaus in search of all that we have to explore; the musical entities given to us by those musicians gone past; for they were rich in resources and invention. Now it is up to us that remain to take musical plight and bring to fruition, the search for the unknown within the abyss of that music that remains for us to discover.

To a musician who was in harmony with the cosmos, and no longer lives, to lay testimony to the sonorities of his violin, the following is written in honor of Albert Einstein: "To contemplate the fundamental statutes of musical sonorities in God's Universe, with perceptions of all natural musical phenomena, is to hypothesize and provoke thought-the musical heavens. In doing so, we satisfy God's will in search for the truth, which is there, waiting to be discovered."

And let the pillars of the cosmos be erect and stalwart; He shall move the music of the Universe to those below, as they, the receivers of same, listen and reap the harvest of the music as it filters down to the musicians below; they shall consume it, the music, and cultivate it, as such, into a bellowing effect that it shall be known by all who inhabit Earth. And let those musicians be, receptive to, and cotimize the Universal dust such that it goes through the purification process-filtering out all that clutter the terrain on which it walketh with righteousness-let not the music be victim of wrong play; rather let it be, the glory of that which we are in need of-harmony and peace to all mankind.

Music sustains itself, only to an extent that, those who play it, are cognizant of it's richness in quality, sonorities, and the magnitude of nuance. Now, as we have in jazz, all of the above, let us open the floodgates of the idiosyncratic nature of music-jazz. Before we go any further, let us take a look at a universal definition of jazz: "Jazz is a form of cosmic energy which surfaces when the performing artist hears and feels harmonic and rhythmic stimuli and the soul consecrates the execution of a new melody reaching out in search of other souls tuned in on the same Universal wavelength." The above definition speaks for itself. However, it is exclusive unto the most vibrant emotionally appealing form of music, which is jazz; musicians that execute their inner feelings and imagination are the architects and innovators of the musical idiom called jazz !

It has been said that music is an international language. Let it be better stated like this, jazz is the international language of the world; every culture we know of has been exposed to, and enjoyed, this long lasting and durable form of musical expression. In 1956, Louis Armstrong played Berlin. During an interview with Edward R. Murrow, he stated that he couldn't count the number of Russians that came across the line to hear, as he said, "Our Louie." Let us not forget "Duke Ellington," "Count Basie," " Stan Kenton," "The Original Dixieland Jazz Band," and so many other big bands, groups, and entertainers that have performed in all corners of the planet! The message here is really quite simple; the cosmic feelings that spreadeth around the world emanate from the same source, "The Cosmic Dust of Jazz."

And let the cosmic bells toll, as harmony, in all it's illustrious and embellished forms, leaves it's source in the heavens and is carried by the cosmic dust aboding in the Universe; to distant planets and galaxies spreading rays of enlightenment through God's Creation. And let the ultimate target be the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth. During its long journey, the cosmic dust will spread over all that is known within the cosmos, and the cosmic dust shall dampen any galactic turmoil that might exist within the cosmos. For it is God's will that the dust from the cosmos will infiltrate the totality of extraterrestrial entities leaving dust to squelch any prevailing calamities within the musical and cosmic dust of JAZZ.

The jazz from cosmic dust is to enrich the soul; it cultivates an earthly being who can, when ready, tune in to the wavelength of the music; when this is achieved, and settles within the listener, resonance occurs; resonance with the cosmos-that universal source that will ultimately become one with the music and the listener. And when the cosmic dust settles within the inner-sanctum of it's recipients, the solidity of musical knowledge will manifest itself in terms of having a close relationship between the music, the musician-it's source, and let grace become a part of the soul.

Lurking within the shadows of the cosmos, there is an abundance of that universal commodity we call, cosmic dust; the dust has no magic qualities, it is not of a supernatural enigma, it is an energy source that can be tapped into whenever that energy is needed to cast away any doubt; should this doubt surface, and cosmic dust is well planted, any doubt shall take it's place within the verisimilitude of that galactic frontier known to be the Universe-the vacuum of space. And let not the verism of being one who manufacturers the essence of jazz, the musician, with artistic format, be grateful for being abode with innovation and creativism-to provide the jazz of cosmic dust.

Let it be known that the music we hear from the galactic frontier is not that which we hear on a solid body such as Earth. This music is in the form of energy, cosmic energy; it will travel at the speed of light. Sound as we know it travels somewhat slower-1100 feet per second. Light waves, like our cosmic dust, travel at 186,000 feet per second. Now, for the sake of the musical distance our musical notation must travel, allow me to site an example of the speed of light; but first, this. Distant galaxies and musical dust are measured in light years; one light year is 5.86 trillion miles. So, if you were 75 years old and looked up at the Bid Dipper, which is 75 light years away, the light you see is the light that began it's journey to Earth on the day you were born. Yes, it's awesome and incomprehensible but fact; mathematics is an exact science, it represents the truth the truth, as it circumvents the Universe!

Now that we are acquainted with the speed at which universal music travels, we now have a better understanding of the mere existence of this phenomenological wonder; it is forever the only constant in our galactic frontier-the Universe! Continuing on now, we find ourselves within the throws of a harmonic interlude; exchanging cosmic dust for the intricacies of harmonic construction, and the ultimate sound of, the heart of all music jazz; from it's beginning to it's ABYSS. To inject love into jazz is to receive love from jazz; this rendezvous with love comes from the master of love, the entrepreneur of that which is the truth-the musicians.

From the far corners of the Universe, we hear the cosmic trees swaying to and fro as the dust from the trees begins it's long journey to Earth; it is then, and only then, that the sound of music will be heard by earthlings; the trees, they shall let go of , the music of jazz, as it was, is, and always shall be-music, in it's sonorous piety, sounds like no other that man has ever heard; and let it conquer all, this glorious music from the Heavens, and as well, let it be that, it shall conquer with it's frantitude of power, the ultimate- LOVE!

Something happens when the musical dust of the cosmos filters down to the only people known to man, and as it were, these are the people of Earth. Let that something be an intrinsitized feeling held by all who choose to listen; they hear the sounds that represents a universal quality; the shadow of that Universal music, as it prevails over all, has a way of getting into the soul the soul becomes graceful as it becomes a new entity giving off an electrifying glow that can be seen from afar, just as though the listener had acquired knowledge of this cosmic enlightenment from the distant galaxies-those occupying the vacuum of space; as a result of harmony and rhythm, is it not possible that the grace of the soul could infectiside the inhabitants of society?

About philosophy and it's enigmatic attachment to music, of which, were enjoined, some 2,450 years ago when Socrates made the following statement-from "Plato's Republic," Book III:

Socrates is talking to Glaucon, Plato's brother, about the value of musical education for a healthy state:

"Perhaps music will solve our problem. Musical training is so powerful because rhythm and harmony find their way into the secret places of the soul, bearing grace in their movements and making the soul graceful. Music molds character and therefore shares in determining social and political justice."

Unbeknown to Plato, et al., during that period, there was another statement, profound in nature, and quite relevant and applicable to the sociological implications of our state, and the state of the world as such, as we know it today chaos!

Once again we hear from Socrates-Plato's Republic, Book III, as he offers an intimation about the modes of music: "Damon tells me-and I can quite believe it-that when the modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state change with them."

These two quotes are quite profound in nature. Can we suppose that Plato was cognizant of the significance and potential ramifications of the underlying concepts of his two statements; was he aware of the effect of cosmic dust. It is my educated guess that he was not; yet, the dust from the eternal Heavens was undoubtedly upon Plato and the recipients of the dust-people of that era.

Plato may not have been aware of it, but the cosmic dust of jazz, from the Heavenly bodies aloft, was down upon the people of all civilizations; they new not of jazz, but as the dust shall search, it shall seek as well; in time, as we now know, the dust shall covet all-since the Big Bang-the cataclysmic eruption when the cosmic dust began it's journey throughout the Universe; this genesis, representing God's Creation, took place about 15 billion years ago; with unbelievable magnitude, it gathered momentum, sufficient enough to keep the inherent language of musical expression on fire and moving to distant galactic bodies. And in time, billions of years, the dust filtered down to the most beautiful of all galactic spheres Planet Earth.

Be it not that Socrates was in tune with cosmic dust; he new not of this. But he did recognize the depth of the soul to which music could manifest change; change in the attitude of those who so choose to be an everlasting part of such beauty-music. Through the use of their wooden-home made-instruments, the Greeks could make music flow to those who would tune in to the wavelength of time; for it is time that, with it's relativity, taketh us from there to here, as we are now-in the twenty-first century.

The statement by Socrates about changes in modes of music, has it's implications relative to society as it is, among us. The changes in modes (styles) of 'pop' music, which have taken place over the last four to five decades, have had, to a significant extent, an adverse impact on the fundamental laws of our state (moral and ethical standards of conduct in society)? The answer of course is yes! Those who thinketh not were born at the wrong time, or, are graduates from the academy of the musically uneducated. Musical education is out there, it's just a question of choice; your choice, to acquire knowledge of the energy force from the cosmic dust of jazz, as it works it's way into your soul.

When we have acknowledged the existence of cosmic dust, we have experienced a revelation; the dust beckons and will become a part of you; you will experience a striking disclosure or manifestation of something not previously known-jazz be the manifestation of a new entity. A revelation might be stated in this fashion: "It was I who was provoked into the realm of semantical exhalation of retrospect as I ponder the new entity of the new find, be it cosmic dust of jazz, and as I lay beneath the mundane existence of wakefulness it was asked of me that I should proffer, at my best and from within me bring forth an epistemological dissertation about the essence of cosmic dust-as it is shared-along with the .innumerable corporal atoms in this our Universe. And, I shall emerge through and transcend all obstacles that enter through the windows of my mind those cognitions of the existence of the cosmic dust of jazz!"

The revelation described above represents the very essence-the corner stone-of the existitude as it establishes a oneness with the harmonic and rhythmic platitudes of musical stimuli that consecrate a rather splendid harmony that brings to fruition, the relationship between the executant and the cosmic endowment lying abode.

The Universe is a reservoir of sounds; some audible, some not. However, the sound of cosmic jazz, then-unheard, is still not heard because the sound of this magnetic and charismatic form of music, embodied within the luster of cosmic dust, is traveling, with fervor, at the speed of light. When the universal blanket of music, soaring through space, reaches it's destination, the sound unfolds and instantly covers the sphere as we know it-planet Earth. It is at this moment that, the musical trees from our universal forest shake loose the branches and leaves which are the corner stones of that music which is to come and spread it's sonorities-encompass and surround the land we now call- Mother Earth.

If we were traveling at the speed of light, soaring through space, is it possible that we might see, or hear, any phenomena resembling anything close to cosmic jazz? The answer of course is, no! Can you see or hear light? As it travels on it's long galactic journey, the proverbial jazz-known to us here-goes through an ongoing process known as purgation; the dust is in a state of flux, filtering out all impurities in that they will not be perpetuated to the end destination-Earth; we have enough impurities that we behold today, why add more? And let fidelity rein!

To all the jazz lovers abode on planet Earth:

"And the leaves shall fall, as the ground beckons unto them. Were it not for the trees in our galactic forest, there would be no passage of dust through that spacial frontier we call the Universe. As the cosmic dust unfolds, it leaves us with an uncanny array of musical commodities-we sift through and listen, to be coveted by the most precious gift to be given, "The Personification of Cosmic Jazz."

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