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The Genius of Ken Burns

After watching all of the Ken Burns "Jazz" movies I am now aware of the significance of Jazz music in America. The documentaries were so informative and so interesting that it is impossible not to learn something new. Jazz is very important to me and it should be important to every American. It is the most original American form of art. Jazz is so complex that its musicians deserve the utmost respect for their talents. Judging from a difficult standpoint, Jazz is harder to play well than any other style of music. Jazz is America at its finest. I believe Jazz is now on a comeback in popularity, not only with the older generation but the younger generation, as well. All people should watch Ken Burns documentaries in order to educate themselves about this wonderful music. Ken Burns does a great job of explaining all the small details of Jazz music, even the less appealing aspects that have molded the music to what it is today. The different opinions voiced throughout are extremely credible and well-rounded. It is an impossible task to explain everything associated with Jazz music, but Ken Burns has come as close as anyone ever will.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Ken Burns
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