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Unsung, Maybe Unwritten, But Definitely Forthcoming Musically

Sarasota, Florida is the home of many a world class musician that one might consider 'unsung.' I have written about several whom I consider 'role model musician types' one in particular is trombonist extraordinaire, Greg Neilsen. There are dozens of things I could suggest positively about this gentle soul, but at the top of the shelf is his commitment to my favorite side of music, the big band idiom. Kudos too, to his 'barrel-house' size chops & prowess at playing his beloved ax, the trombone.

Recently, Greg has taken over the 1'st trombone chair with my big band, The Sarasota Sunsets Jazz Big Band. I must pay an accolade to Greg for setting the 'dynamics' of the band in its proper ethos. A master of the bebop horn line, Greg can improvise fluently within a variety of musical transitions, manipulating timbre, tempo, dynamics & rhythm to effect changing moods. As an imaginative & versatile improvisor, he is capable of playing charts that are multithematic in scope, leaving himself free to 'create musical ideas anew' as it were, or refer back to a recurring theme.........Thus, in essence creating new music as he plays.

All in all, he's a resource which I, & I'm sure the community are happy to have on hand.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Greg Nielsen
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