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Barb Jungr: An unfailingly intelligent approach to song

Winner of the New York International Artist of the Year (Backstage Awards, 2003) Barb Jungr has one of the most original voice since Nina Simone or Edith Piaf and bridges genres with her passion for the art of the songwriter. Her new album, Waterloo Sunset, builds on the success of Every Grain of Sand: Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan.

This "world-class female vocalist" (Daily Telegraph) has written three original songs for Waterloo Sunset. Do You Play Guitar, the album's elegaic opening track, Written Down In The Dark Again, a disturbing exploration of sex, and Lipstick Lips Lament, a wonderful evocation of classic American song-writing.

The rest of the tracklisting incudes:
High Water (For Charley Patton) - Bob Dylan
Cathy's Clown - The Everly Brothers
This Masquerade - Leon Russell
When Do The Bells Ring For Me - Charles De Forest
Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
Laugh Clown Laugh - Fiorito, Lewis & Young
Waterloo Sunset - Ray Davies
The Joker - Steve Miller, Ahmet Ertegun & Eddie Curtis

Barb Jungr writes of Waterloo Sunset, the title track of her third Linn album:
"Ray Davies is just a brilliant song writer. I have loved this song for such a long time, and sung it for years. Living near the river (Thames in London), it’s a sunset I know. When John took the pictures for the cover a heron landed on the bank of the river Thames below the embankment, and stayed with us till we packed in at Sunset."

Elsewhere in the tracklisting, Jungr spins the naivety of the Everly Brother's Cathy's Clown into a love story of complex sensuality and manipulative deceit. Leon Russell's This Masquerade resonates with the regret and pain that comes at the end of a love affair and Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone is stripped of its spleen and transformed into an intense psychoanalytical interrogation.

Bridging musical styles Barb makes each song her own, from the jazz inspired When Do The Bells Ring For Me, through the deep blues of Dylan's High Water For Charlie Patton, to the high wire excitement of Richard Thompson's The Great Valerio. The title track is a shimmering version of Ray Davies’ masterpiece, long a favourite of Barb’s live audience.

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