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For immediate release: Fez Dispenser: Live without a publicist.

Fez Dispenser's self titled debut CD is not for everyone. That's the good news. Fez Dispenser is a prime example of what one forward thinking musician can accomplish when he's not beholden to anyone.

California based producer Matt Thorne has never had it any other way. "Music is communication. The subtext of music made under the old system was 'please buy my shirt! I owe these lawyers a lot of money'. I can't imagine trying to make music in that state."

Thorne's work with Marvon Salez, Psychic Enemies network, Tex Beaumont, Man Will Surrender, The Drones and Break Neck Beats speaks volumes for the advantages of self reliance

Lately all we hear from the music industry is that it's in big trouble. "The story you don't see is that most musicians couldn't be happier to hear it."

Fez Dispenser is modern music made for it's own sake.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Fez Dispenser
  • Subtitle: Live without a publicist
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