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Free Women's Jazz Workshop in San Diego

Women still remain largely out of sight in the Jazz World. Turiya Mareya, a professional Jazz Artist for over 30 years is seeking to mentor and inspire women Musicians to move to the next level of Art and Professionalism.

The class is offered for pianists, Drummers, Horn Players, String Players and Vocalists. The Class uses a variety of techniques pulled from the traditions of American Jazz, Africa, Latin America and World Music to Stimulate Creativity and develops improvisational skills. Classes include: The Art of Improvisation, Scales and Chords, Rhythmic Concepts, Latin Jazz- Montuno and Clave, Jazz Harmony, Jazz Theory, Composition, Arranging. Meditation, Inner Listening, Performance and Practice Techniques, Booking, Promotion. Web Presence.

Who: Turiya Mareya Performs on Piano, Flute, And Bass Clarinet. She is a composer and arranger. She just released her latest CD, La Luz Eterna. She is the Musical Director for the Kokopelli Latin Jazz Ensemble and the Mahaba Jazz Trio. She will be Artist in Residence at the WorldBeat Center through the summer. She has performed at The Idyllwild Jazz Festival, Big Sur Jazz Festival, Calle Diez Latin Jazz Festivals and numerous venues in Southern California, Tijuana, New York and Mexico City. She is touring Europe through the fall.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Turiya Mareya
  • Event Date: Ongoing July and August 2003
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