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SUBJECT: REVIEWS G. F. MLELY’s "RE-ENTRY", in their February Newsletter, publishes its review by Phyllis A. Lodge of RE-ENTRY, G. F. Mlely’s first solo piano outing in nearly two decades. The review adds to the list of raves continuing to come in for the CD release. Excerpts tell the story:

"Re-Entry is pianist G. Francis Mlely's answer to the doctors who told him that the wrist injury he sustained some years back would hamper his former playing ability. Call it a testimonial to the power of Mlely's musical will. To paraphrase the title of a Monk classic, Mlely's piano is powerfully 'on minor'. The CD notes call him two-fisted. I hear a spirit that is initially somber, like twilight, with a brightly complex delivery. That complexity involves rather than puts off the listener. He is as clear as a bell. Mlely walks the keyboard and strums it like a harp. He rolls it around in your ear like a bluesy summer evening after you've had that tasty meal, and just before you nod off on the front porch...

"G. Francis Mlely's Re-Entry may be heralding his re-emergence into the tantalizingly perilous world of music. It could just as easily be talking about a Re-Entry into Earthly experience from a different musical dimension - one that is best explored with an insightful, powerful guide. Mlely is such a guide, and his Re-Entry clearly harks to a streaming musical dimension."

First of a 4-CD package to be released, THE FINE ART OF JAZZ PIANO, RE-ENTRY has been released in conjunction with the video series, JAZZ PIANO, featuring G. F. Mlely, now airing in two weekly time-slots on Olelo Television of Hawaii.

Mlely is also author of essays, articles, and a book, NEW MUSIC AND THE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN - A CRITICAL LOOK, all accessible online at

CD review in its entirety: [February 2002 Monthly eZine, Feature Stories]

Video Series review:

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  • Artist / Group Name: G. F. Mlely
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