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Ola Onabule Releases New Album for 2002

Many today believe that music in Britain has misplaced it’s soul. That, though business is okay, the creative spark of idiosyncratic singer/songwriter/performers is a dim light from a long gone golden era in our popular culture.

However, those that are aware of him consider Ola to be just such an artist. With a much lauded vocal ability, sensitive lyrics, sung with passion and a fearless eye trained on subject matter too "undumbed down" for some, he is a good old-fashioned hearts and guts performer for the future.

His new album, "AMBITIONS FOR DEEPER BREADTH", is a collection of 12 songs. It catalogues the feelings of an artist prepared to present his experiences with a truth and maturity seldom found in an industry renowned for its spin and hype.

"...its a consistently strong, beautifully performed, passionately delivered and Lyrically replete project, led by a guy whose intelligence is a match for his artistry..." - Echoes Magazine 2002

"...The considerable vocal talent of the UK's most powerful voice on an album full of quality soulful grooves... The quality of mastering and production on this set is first class. A must for real soul and Jazz heads everywhere". - Blues & Soul Magazine 2002

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ola Onabule
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