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A Voice For All Seasons

While the hustle and bustle of New York continued outside, a diverse crowd gathered at a charming and intimate Manhattan showroom on W 57th; Frank and Camille's Fine Pianos. The invite-only guest list consisting of music industry and big business executives, friends and family all turned out for an amazing evening of music by jazz vocalist, Jacki DePiro. The hour plus set was the debut performance of songs from DePiro's new release "Where I Hang My Hat Is Home", due out in early 2005 on JaRic Records.

Jacki's luscious singing voice and warm personality combined with the banter between her and her band leader, producer and brother, Jazz pianist and composer Rick DePiro, let the members of the audience enjoy a rare comedic side as much as the world-class music. This writer, for one, can't recall a more enjoyable evening in recent memory. The trio with Drummer John Doty and Bassist Cameron Brown never left the "awesome pockets" they set for Ms DePiro the entire evening. The nicely laid-out location, though small, instilled the same air of class as Jacki DePiro and her band. Never was anyone left looking at their watch or longing for anything other than another song. A near perfect acoustic blend was had with Pianist DePiro playing on an incredible new music marvel, a Roland KR17M Digital Grand piano. This baby grand-sized, but 9-foot grand sounding monster made the listening environment all that much sweeter. (I may have stuck with piano lessons as a child if something like this were around).

JaRic Records is a new LA-based label with as of yet 4 artists, 2 of which being Country. Even if Jacki DePiro had 200 artists to compete with, this is one enthusiast who thinks she'd rise to the very top no matter what the situation. That's just how good she is.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jacki DePiro
  • Press Release Date: 12/1/2004
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