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Just A Kiss


The newly released music video for the sultry Latin number “Just A Kiss” written by Perth jazz singer Nicola Milan is a hypnotic mix of smooth Bossa rhythms blended with an emotive visual set awash in candlelight. The poignant playfulness of this clip surrounds the story line of a girl’s daydream fantasy about a timeless moment spent with a mysterious man plucked from her imagination.

The music video holds the audience in the moment of anticipation leading up to a kiss… and leaves the audience hanging in that moment as the kiss never comes. It is really one big tease, delivered ever so tastefully by the masterful direction of Perth film maker Johnny Ma. Director of photography S.P Becker is responsible for the moody lighting and local flamenco dancer Sarah Levitt provided the dance choreography.

The clip features Nicola Milan and local Perth hottie Simon Holland and is just a taste of what is to come in Nicola’s upcoming EP “Little Rendezvous” due for release at the end of October. Nicola will be performing a ‘pre-launch’ set at The Paris Cat jazz club in Melbourne before heading to play at the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival on October 30th. Ms Milan will then be back in Perth to cap off the Fremantle Festival with her EP launch on December 5th at Kulcha. More details to come but keep an eye on her website for competitions and more information.

You can view the music video “Just A Kiss” on Nicola’s website or follow this link:

Last modified on Monday, 24 October 2011 21:55
Just A Kiss Music written and sung by Nicola Milan. Directed by Johnny Ma.
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