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Monika Herzig & Jazz Legacy of Indiana Project Inspires the Next Generation

ianist Monika Herzig has been actively involved in sharing and teaching the rich history of jazz.  One of her current endeavors, The Jazz Legacy of Indiana Project is designed to "raise awareness about the rich jazz legacy of Indiana as well as jazz as a creative means of expression," said Herzig, who is a recording artist with Owl Studios. Herzig notes that the entire project will be documented on video, and a curriculum and documentary will be made available online for interested teachers and students. Support for Herzigs project is provided by ArtsWeek Jazz from Bloomington the Musician's Union and the Life Cycle Project. The project is also the winner of ArtsWeek's Anya Peterson Royce Award. The award is named for ArtsWeek's originator and honors a project that reflects Peterson-Royce's scholarly interests in the performing arts. You can learn more about the Jazz Legacy of Indiana Project in an excerpt from Monika's blog below:  

Teaching the Jazz Legacy of Indiana

Tuesday December 14 2010 by Monika Herzig

Here is an update on the progress of the Jazz Legacy of Indiana project.  Beyond the initial funding from Arts Week the project now also received additional support from the Musician's Union Jazz from Bloomington the Life Cycle Project and Jamey Aebersold.  The joint effort will make it possible to bring a jazz group in for each lesson videotape the lessons and the final concert as well as create a documentary summary.  By now we've been to the schools three times teaching about Hoagy Carmichael and May Aufderheide.  The kids are improvising on Heart and Soul and talking about Hoagy Carmichael like an old buddy.  Here are some of the lyric reflections we have so far: (about writing Stardust at 3am in the Book Nook): Knockin' down at three Yeah knockin' down at three Louie let me in; with a cup of coffee Looking at the piano thinking how important this could be Looking at the piano thinking how important this could be Then my fingers started running all over the keys Georgia on my mind Georgia on my mind My little sister Georgia on my mind Born in Bloomington Born in Bloomington That makes me a hoosier Definitely good potential for some bluesy songs.  And the great news is that David Baker has agreed to come and share with all the kids about his life in jazz and the personal stories he has about our other legends.  What a great way to keep the lineage alive and pass on the legacy to the next generation.  The final Arts Week feature concert with the kids performing their songs together with my jazz group will be Thursday February 24 6pm at Fairview Elementary School in Bloomington.  I'll document the progress as we move into the lessons on the Hampton Family and Wes Montgomery stay tuned.

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