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Nasty Jazz DVD Release

Chicago jazz composer Greg Spero and Artist/Technologist Doug Siefken combine forces on new Long Glance Media release: Nasty Jazz - a technologically innovative, genre-defining Single Panel Fluid Stills® Digital Art and Music DVD designed for flat screen TVs

Chicago IL, USA - April, 2011 – Move over the Blues…and move on down the road, Rock ‘n Roll! Nasty Chicago Jazz is now behind the wheel as score to represent the Windy City in a gorgeous Chicago Skyscape art and music DVD release by technology innovators TransLumen Technologies and Long Glance Media. Greg Spero, the Chicago jazz composer responsible for scoring his original music for the project, notes "there was never a second guess when scoring this production. Jazz is truly in the heartbeat of Chicago, and Doug’s Skyscape art and my music just kept flowing together like magic. Its hard to imagine the music without the art now.”

Doug Siefken CTO and inventor of Fluid Stills® technology at TransLumen adds that "applying our technology to the Long Glance Media productions imbues each digital frame with the integrity of an independent artistic still creating a serene temporally streaming composition. This temporal art form is (r)Evolutionary time-based art. And in this case the art music and technology align with something we all have in common - our love for hometown Chicago."

If a single image is worth a thousand words then how many words and thoughts can be conveyed by art that appears as a single image yet changes imperceptibly over time? As flat screen TVs proliferate across our visual landscape an opportunity presents itself for the artist to convey a greater range of imagery over a single electronic canvass. Doug’s art is a continuously changing yet unobtrusive new art form to be displayed on this digital canvass filling the gap between still and motion art.

Long Glance Media develops a digital ambient blend of great art music and technology that creates an elevation in digital content capable of adding a "wow" factor to any flat screen TV. TransLumen's patented Fluid Stills® technology delivers the look and feel of 'still art' while constant change occurs at the pixel level (unnoticed by the naked eye). And the blend of art with timeless and attractive instrumental music truly deepens the impact of the overall production.

The principal collaborators on Nasty Jazz met at the Chicago New Media Summit (now renamed The Chicago Convergence) meeting held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in September 2008. That meeting was the catalyst for bringing together charter members Doug Siefken (TransLumen) record label owner and publisher Tom Salvatori (Salvatori Productions) and jazz composer and pianist Greg Spero (GMG Trio).

"The goal of the Chicago Convergence is to spark creative interaction between its members and boy did sparks fly in this case! In fact this new DVD release combines the resources of three all-Chicago based entrepreneurs resulting in a genre-defining product development; one that pays due reverence to our mutual love of Chicago with the Single Panel art jazz music and technology all converging to become something much greater than the sum of the parts" noted Tom Salvatori Long Glance Media CMO.

A 90-second sample clip of the Nasty Jazz Single Panel Art and Music DVD is posted on several free video-serving websites:

Vimeo -

YouTube -

Flickr -

...but according to Siefken "nothing compares to the breathtaking experience of seeing our Fluid Stills® come to life on a flat screen TV. Well maybe one thing would be better...seeing it come to life on your flat screen when I walk into your home or lobby!"

Long Glance Media is leveraging the power of (product code B004QOAK7O) for its retail distribution of Nasty Jazz which becomes available April 12 2011. Special Note: A portion of the proceeds will benefit H.O.Y.C.E Youth Center in Chicago's Englewood Community In addition a contribution will be made to the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago IL  


About Long Glance Media:

Long Glance Media is a digital ambient content developer that collaboratively blends great art music and technology into DVD and Blu-Ray releases. Our goal is to create a professional elevation in the content and a great first impression for your publicly displayed flat screen TV.

And right off the bat; we'd like to let you know a couple of things that we don't do. We do not produce slide shows or nature video scenery. Instead our patented Fluid Stills®* technology delivers the look and feel of "still art" while constant change at the pixel level (unnoticed by the naked eye) mitigates screen burn-in; even when our DVDs are played on continuous loop. And our timeless and attractive instrumental music scores are produced by real musicians always on real instruments and professionally synced to each wonderful art panel transition.

If we achieve our goal you'll truly enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that our productions provide as they turn your flat screen TV into an instant art gallery...showcasing great art and great music in a technologically advanced digital ambient presentation. Our Fluid Stills® are created to certainly impress yet not overwhelm the attention of your viewing audience.

*Fluid Stills® images by TransLumen Technologies LLC. Core and Enabling Intellectual Properties licensed to Long Glance Media are owned by TransLumen Technologies and protected by U.S. Patents #6433839 & #6580466 and Canadian Patent #CA 2404292        Carol Sherman President              312-337-8099             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Tom Salvatori Publisher CMO       312-519-6470             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            Doug Siefken CTO                           312-944-0169             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.             Greg Spero Composer                   847-917-9590             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Link to PDF version of Nasty Jazz DVD Press Release:

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  • Artist / Group Name: Greg Spero
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