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Press Release - Woodward Avenue Records

Woodward Avenue Records


Press Release



(Gainesville, Florida – March 22, 2011)  -  Woodward Avenue Records is pleased to announce the signing of guitarist Nate Najar and vocalist Sara Wasserman for the recording of a new single which will be released by Woodward in the early summer of 2011.  Nate Najar will also serve as producer on this new collaboration according to Mark Nordman, President and CEO of Woodward Avenue Records, the Gainesville, Florida based label.

“Nate Najar gets to really bring the soul out of the nylon string guitar on this tune, and Sara Wasserman has the perfect voice and talent to really rock it.  We are extremely excited about this project and look forward to its release.  Making really great music requires a commonality of vision and purpose between the artists and the label, and we are confident that the result of this association will be very positive.  This single should have a very broad appeal. Every project we do is personal and unique, and we’re not interested in participating in the ordinary.”  

Mark Nordman   


For additional information, please contact:

Mark C. Nordman

President and CEO

Woodward Avenue Records

Gainesville, Florida


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

For more information on Nate Najar and Sara Wasserman, please go to:  and     

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nate Najar
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