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The Abyss of Jazz

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA The Abyss Of Jazz (Abyss) is the most unorthodox and powerful dissertation on jazz existent. The Abyss contains 20 chapters and a three-page summary. Every chapter is designated to one jazz artist; including three of the most renowned divas of jazz: Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, and the First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald. At the end of every chapter, the author adds his comments of praise to the artist. There are photos in every chapter--color and black and white.

The names of the chapters in the Abyss are quite revealing; The Philosophy of Being a Musician; there is a philosophy to being a musician. Jazz And The Architects; a philosophical look at jazz and what it is capable of achieving. Then there’s Big Band Jazz, and two chapters of personal experiences of the author: 5 AM Bourbon Street, and Two Feet Off The Floor! Here are a few giants of jazz who planted the seeds which perpetuated the growth of this phenomenal music; Louis "SATCHMO" Armstrong, Edward DUKE Ellington, Charles "BIRD" Parker, Be-bop: The music of The Future, and the list goes on ad infinitum!

For the author, Richard V. Duffy, the ABYSS represents a culmination of over 50 years of exposure, experience, and knowledge of the subject matter--JAZZ. Richard has been a musician since 1948-clarinet. In 1950, the tenor saxophone became his lifetime companion. Later, Richard taught himself to score arrangements for big bands, especially his own big band!

After retiring from aerospace engineering at TRW in Redondo Beach California, Richard went to Mexico for what turned out to be an eight-year writing sabbatical. During this time he wrote Science--Albert Einstein, Jazz articles for and for web sites in Paris and Italy. In philosophy he wrote, God and His Creation: The Cosmos, and The Pillars of The Cosmos. All this writing was leading up to The Abyss Of Jazz, which was three years in the writing stage, three months in editing, and six months in the publishing arena. The ABYSS is published "online" at With regard to Jazz and the greatest country on the planet, Richard had this to say:

Jazz represents Freedom--America represents Freedom. Then so be it that, Jazz represents America.

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