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“The new voice of the Clarinet” Luca Luciano takes the clarinet to spectacular higher ground!

 Internationally recognised for his groundbreaking contributions to contemporary clarinet music, extremely appreciated by the International Clarinet association, "Luciano has established himself as the friendly face of contemporary clarinet" according to the Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain. His latest album "Partenope" is receiving praises in three continents (BBC Radio,, CRN Australia nationwide, in Brazil and South America, RTE national broadcaster of Ireland and radios around Europe) including a number of interviews for the press and on radio. These are some comments on his music:


-" Jazz Impromptu shows off Luciano's jazz skills at their best" (The Clarinet Journal)

- "The whole CD is fascinating to listen to" (Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine)

- "They have made genuine impressions on the London improvisational scene and this album shows their technical assurance, creative ability and natural versatility" (Jazz Journal International)

- "Italian virtuoso Luca Luciano, now resident in London, takes the clarinet to spectacular higher ground" (Jazz UK)

- "...a thrilling exploration of the relationship between composed and improvised music..." (All About Jazz)


The album includes music part of an academic research on extended techniques for the contemporary repertoire and new music for solo clarinet and you can find up-to-date information (audio, dates, downloads, video, etc) on Luca's official site The album is distributed via CD Baby and it also available on Amazon (CDs and downloads), iTunes, Napster, CD Universe and a special offer is now available on Luca's official site.


You can now meet Luca on Face Book on

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