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The Song Project celebrates Valentines on the Web

The Song Project, a jazz duo out of Brooklyn, NY known for their forward-thinking and out-of-the-box approaches to music and technology has released a web page optimized for the iPad and iPhone in celebration of this Valentines weekend.  They present a bit of dry humor with some choice quotes by Rosanne Barr to Plato and offer an original composition and a hauntingly beautiful version of My Funny Valentine. Their industry first product they coined as the "applum" - iPhone App + Album (where digital meets vinyl) - is innovating the way music is distributed and offers the music consumer a rich and rewarding experience. This applum their debut CD entitled "Art of the Song vol. 1" is presented elegantly with the iPad. It offers stunning images by an award-winning photographer (each piece complimenting the applum's tracks) the music itself stories behind them and more and is packaged in a freely downloadable app via the iTunes App store. The tracks themselves can also be transferred from the applum to your favored media device.  To learn more about The Song Project please visit:'

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  • Artist / Group Name: The Song Project
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