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Cinematic Life by Eliott James


January 10, 2005 (Los Angeles, CA) -- Eliott James has released his new album "Cinematic Life." The CD contains 11 tracks of electro-jazz mixed with ambient and rock influences. James is a composer musician and poet.

Eliott was almost 17 when he hit the road to play colleges and small clubs in the style that is now called singer-songwriter. He also played as the opening act for several nationally known performers. He performed hundred of times throughout the early "80s and has recorded in his project studio over the last fourteen years.

In Spring of 2005 I sat down to the keyboard and felt like a blank canvas was in front of me. I was free to create what I felt. I play keyboards and guitar and also use licensed loops and samples to flesh out my songs. They came slowly at first and then streamed out. Six months later I had about fifteen songs written. I chose eleven songs for the new CD. This CD is not in the singer-songwriter vein. I suppose this music is closest to what's called electro-jazz."

But he still has a passion for acoustic elements as heard on his new CD with cello harp piano upright bass and guitar. These sounds are mixed with strong beats synths giving us eleven songs that span several styles that are hard to classify and even harder to compare to other artists.

"Yes it was a musical change long overdue.I"ve always been a fan of jazz and many different styles. I like strong beats world music acoustic elements nature sounds and synths. I"ve simply allowed myself to bring out what has been in my head and heart for some time. It gives me joy to be part of it's creation. To take sounds and mold them to arrange them to allow these sounds to seep into my emotions and back out again. I get so much out of creating music. When someone enjoys it the circle is completed."


Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Eliott James
  • CD Title: Cinematic Life
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Record Label: Wateree Recordings
  • Tracks: Say It, Second Chance, In the Deep, Midnight Desert Run, Deep Forest Rain, Starry Night, (Day on The) Fast Track, Dolly, Dolly (Part 2) Streets at 2AM, Say It (Remix)
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