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From Vegas With Love by Sarah Montes

  From Vegas With Love, re-establishes a musical sound reminiscent of the 1940's

and 50's suggesting similarities to Cole Porter, Peggy Lee, Doris Day Louis Armstrong and Glen Miller; combined with cosmopolitan lyrics that are delightfully amusing, engaging, emotionally intimate and some times spicy with persuasive feminine charm. From Vegas With Love- is candid and mature. Sarah's voice expresses her true love for singing and delivers moments of vulnerability that are undeniably delicious! 

"Sarah is a jazz singer with one foot in the past (feels from the 50's) and quality set firmly in today. With over 3000 concerts in 52 cities all over the world, Sarah Montes has earned her market."

Producer Keith Olsen

"From Vegas With Love; is a reflection of personal experiences and observations that

 continually shape my ever transforming, enchanted, neon and concrete world."  Sarah Montes

Sarah's Musical addiction: with over 3,000 performances in 52 cities around the world to her credit, Sarah is truly at home on stage. Her sassy, playful attitude combined with her natural ease and sincere passion for music creates an emotionally charged and captivating experience with the audience.

"Sarah sings and performs with a kind of easy confidence, and plain happiness

to just be on stage doing what she loves; which translates into an equally enjoyable

experience for the audience...A close musical encounter of the satisfying kind." 

Alan Roy Scott  Songwriter and Founder of Music Bridges Events.

Sarah has toured with a variety of show bands including her own band throughout the United States performing at corporate engagements, U. S. Military events and 27 of the finest show rooms of Las Vegas. Over the years, Sarah has performed with numerous well known artists in varying genres such as the Jordanaires, the Guy Lombardo Orchestra, The Letterman, Debbie Reynolds, Jerry Lewis, Wayne Newton, Porter Wagner, Michael Martin Murphy, Lacy J Dalton, John Conley, Sweethearts of the Rodeo, Rodney Crowl, Clinton Greggory and has written and recorded with Hip Hop producer Devante Swing, Flo Rida and new comer to Suburban Noize Records, Nick Dean.

From Vegas With Love is a conglomerate recording that journeyed from Los Angeles to Nashville, to Fabulous Las Vegas, then back to L.A. before finally returning to Nashville and into the hands of Brian Foraker for master mix.  

Production: Once again reuniting with long time friend and producer Keith Olsen,

Olsen produced five of the cuts; You Did This, You're Breathing Down My Neck, Love Goes, Matter, and Just Add Water And Stir. Sarah produced the remaining five tunes and was delighted when co-writer Alan Roy Scott, brought Grammy and TEC award winning producer and engineer Ed Cherney to the project; mixing Perfectly Perfect, I Have A Passion For The Old Fashion, Ba Du Ba Da Baby, Convince Me and I Can I Will I Do. Randy Gardner also worked with the project; engineering the songs that Sarah produced and mixing a full band version of Ba Du Ba Da Baby and A Little. Both songs are slated to be released as singles in 2112.


Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sarah Montes
  • CD Title: From Vegas With Love
  • Year Released: 2011
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
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