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Jazz Psalms by Ecumenics

Departing from his usual progressive compositional style, Loren Stillman wrote eight inspirational melodies that he called Psalms. He asked Bruce Heckman to write the lyrics, and a project was born. The CD was recorded live in a small chapel to provide atmosphere.

Loren was just nominated to Downbeats critic's poll and plays with his round warm style to lift the music into a more complex realm- like looking at one simple flower and imagining vast gardens.

Kate McGarry called the "new sensation" by All About Jazz brings a very natural deeply conceived style to the melody and her elaborations. You know she feels it. Aaron Goldberg is an intelligent tasteful player with great chops who lays back here and adds a mellow background. Ali Jackson appearing also on Wynton Marsalis' "The Magic Hour" injects his feeling of fun and varying rhythms to give the songs more individuality. We feel you get the comfort and beauty of original inspirational music lifted by the excitement of modern jazz improvisation. The diversity of the band and the embracing nature of the music and lyrics can mitigate some of the hatred in our too complex world.

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