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Juliette Gray Trio - Lush Life With a Twist

About a year ago Juliette decided to collaborate with top LA musicians to bring about a spoken word version of Lush Life – a masterpiece in the jazz repertoire. At that time this was intended to be a bonus track for Gary Gray’s upcoming CD with Centaur Records – SHADES OF GRAY.

Since then, this project has evolved into more than the sum of its parts and by the early response it is clear that the images evoked by the lyrics of songs from the Great American Songbook which combine poetry, story telling and haunting melodies are ideal candidates for the expressiveness of the spoken word.  The group's next song BEWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BEWILDERED is in the works.
This is the first in a series of spoken word+music to some of the masterpieces of the Great American Songbook - illustrating how spoken word to these magnificent and poetic lyrics accompanied by the original music adds a listening dimension not possible by singing. As a bonus track Lush Life Straight Up offers a reprise of the music with the solos of these wonderful musicians.

Julliette is a British-American voice actor located in Los Angeles. Juliette’s VO work includes commercials, narration, animation & video games in a variety of accents & dialects plus spoken word renditions to poignant jazz songs from America’s true art form - The Great American Songbook.

Juliette is the founder of Voice Over Ventures, was born in N.W. London and lives in Los Angeles. Juliette’s performs in a variety of British and American accents plus a variety of European accents and dialects for commercials, narration, animation, video games and more, including spoken word renditions to the jazz music from the Great American songbook with her trio of pianist Bill Cunliffe and clarinetist/saxophonist Gary Gray.

Juliette has previously worked in theatre, the travel industry, Wall Street, and the health and wellness industry and is therefore able to first hand interpretation to a variety of voice over genres.

Juliette has studied with, amongst others, and in no particular order, Pat Fraley, Brian Cummings, Bill Holmes, Bob Bergen, Barbara Harris, Marc Cashman, Eliza Schneider, Huck Ligget, Mary Lynn Wissner, MJ Lallo, Richard Horvitz, Zack Hanks, Charlie Adler, Doug Honorof, and is an active member of the Voice Actors Network. Juliette has her own home studio using a Sterling Audio large diaphram condenser mic, Tascam US 144 audio interface, Cubase SX 1 software.

Juliette is a voting member of BAFTA (British Society of Film and Television Arts,) and the British American Business Council.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Juliette Gray Trio
  • CD Title: Lush Life With a Twist
  • Year Released: 2012
  • Genre: Other
  • Artist's Instrument: Voice
  • Tracks: 1. Lush Life With a Twist 2. Lush Life Straight Up
  • Musicians: Juliette Gray - Voice- Bill Cunliffe - Piano and Gary Gray Saxophone
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