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My Soul Speaks by Leon

Leon, a jazz guitarist and vocalist debuts his new CD, My Soul Speaks. No stranger to the guitar, at age 5 his grandfather gave him his first guitar and since then the instrument has played an important role in his life. In the late 70s and early 90's Leon lead his own band and performed with artists such as Little Jimmy Scott and Donald Harris and has provided music for the Lou Rawls Telethon. He has opened for Blue Magic at the Ritz Theatre in New Jersey. But made a personal decision to put his music on ice and keep it private until an unfortunate loss kindled his spirit. 13 years later he shares the music that has kept him grounded as he dedicate his new CD to the memory of his mother the core of his being who died from cancer. My Soul Speaks is a platform for Leon to express his ideas his thoughts and his philosophy of life as he invites his audience to go with him to a place where peace love and lightness of spirit dwells and speaks to the true character of the artist.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Leon
  • CD Title: My Soul Speaks
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Record Label: Nealsight Records LLC.
  • Artist's Instrument: Guitar & Vocal
  • Tracks: 1. Sweet Tomorrow 2. Lisa 3. So In Love With You 4. Going Home 5. Popcorn 6. Island Summer 7. Lonely In Love 8. Flight 9. When Love Is Blind 10. My Soul Speaks 11. One 2 One 12. All My Love
  • Musicians: Executive Producer: Frederick NealAssistant Producer: Lenny Argese Recording Studio (A): Bioya Studios  Paterson, New JerseyRecording Engineer: Louie ArgeseRecording Studio (B): Bennett Studio  Englewood, New JerseyRecording Engineer: Brian DozoretzComposer: Frederick NealArranger: Frederick NealMastering House: DiscMakersInstrumentation: Frederick Neal & Louie ArgeseGuitar and Vocal: Leon

    Photographer: Robert PlazzaLayout Design & Concept: Frederick Neal

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