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Nondirectional by Roch Lockyer

Roch picked up his first guitar at the age of three, but it would be over thirty years later after a life in endurance athletics and various other austerities that he would study music. After returning from a trip to India in 2003 Roch sought out the guidance of master guitarist Jimmy Bruno and began his musical journey in earnest. After several months of study Roch began sitting in and playing locally wherever his gypsy existence found him to roam. Rochs latest residence has been Boulder Colorado where he was introduced to legendary pianist Art Lande with whom he studied and subsequently recorded with. Roch also likes to mention drummer Eddie Marshall and guitarist John Stowell as direct influences.

Though Roch considers himself a global citizen it is jazz and western harmony that he dedicates himself to. "I think it is best to explore and serve the environment that we arise from while also striving to expand within and inform ourselves of the infinite possibilities that are always available within this family of humanity. I am from the western world and therefore will be best able to represent that harmonic and melodic tradition. In one lifetime if I strive to even scratch the surface of this tradition that will be enough." In his first recording effort "Nondirectional" Roch has produced a set of material featuring five of his originals as well as two tunes that pay homage to friends Art Lande and Eddie Marshall (note: Quintennaisance was originally recorded for the ECM label in the 70's as a duet with Art and Jan Garbarek and Hutch was given to Roch by Eddie and had not been previously released). The album features an outstanding cast of supporting musicians including Ron Miles (sattva/trumpet) Art Lande (piano) Bijoux Barbosa (bass) and Mike Marlier (drums).

"Nondirectional is notable not only for Lockyer’s thoughtful solos and original voice on the guitar but for his intriguing compositions…The improvisations develop logically there is a surprising amount of variety on the set and Roch Lockyer shows a lot of versatility in his playing. This excellent modern jazz set is highly recommended." - Scott Yanow - Jazz Critic and well-respected music author/writer

"Every once in a while a CD comes along that so captures a reviewer’s attention it’s almost as if there aren’t enough superlatives to describe it. This is the case with guitarist Roch Lockyer’s first CD Nondirectional." - Thomas Erdmann -

"Lockyer is a fine player above and beyond his technique and ideas..Lockyer enters with some nice jazz chords and a series of catchy skittering riffs executed at breakneck speed forming an impressive display....This is intricate music performed with an ease that disguises it's difficulty...Lockyer has surrounded himself and his composition creative challenging and rewarding." - Ron Miles

"You and the guys are all playing well both individually and together. Everybody is listening letting the music breathe and really playing as an ensemble. I also enjoyed your writing especially the ballads and Brazilian-influenced pieces. This is a good calling card for you." - John Stowell

"Roch the CD sounds great! Good work." - Jimmy Bruno


Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Roch Lockyer
  • CD Title: Nondirectional
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Record Label: Self-Released
  • Artist's Instrument: Guitar
  • Tracks: Major Transitions (a life), Mim, Hutch, Here Now But Forever, Monks House
  • Musicians: Melancholies New and Quintennaisance'
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