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The Rise of Kwyjibo by Kwyjibo

In the fall of 2002 guitarist Peter Kienle felt that many of his musical involvements were either slowing down, fizzling out or just getting a little stale. And as circumstances would have it drummer Danny Deckard didnt feel too challenged in his musical life either. Both had shared a love for "real" fusion music of the "70s. So they decided to meet once a week and just practice together - and practice really challenging music. Before long a new bass player moved to town. Just like every musician moving to a new town Matt Everhart had a gig vacuum and a lot of free time. The three got together and a new trio was born.

Around Christmas 2002 Joe Donnelly joined the group. His instruments included various saxophones and keyboards. Now the project moved from a "practice band" to a gigging band. The repertoire included mostly originals with the occasional cover tune by such artists as "John McLaughlin/Mahavishnu Orchestra" "Weather Report" "John Scofield" and "Emerson Lake & Palmer".

A month before the premiere gig at Zorba's in Champaign IL the band chose the name 'splinter Group" - only to find out that the name was already taken by ex-Fleetwood Mac Peter Green. After lively debate a new name was chosen: Kwyjibo. Since then Kwyjibo had very successful appearances in Bloomington at the IU Art Museum's Jazz In July series Parks & Rec. Concert series Jazz Fables regular appearances at the Chatterbox in Indianapolis and Zorba's in Champaign IL and Indy Jazz Fest 2005.

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