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We Are Not Separate From Spirit, We Are In It by Milton Marsh

Compelled to study classical piano by his late mother, Gwendolyn Marsh at age five, a reluctant yet gifted young Milton Marsh eventually developed a much deeper passion for music by age sixteen when introduced to the more delectable and more formative musical training in Jazz on various woodwind instruments. Impressed too by the spiritual sounds of such contemporaries as John Coltrane, Lester Young, and Charlie Parker, Milton would ultimately seal his vocation to the world of music by 1969.

Milton Marshs ever-evolving professional career as a composer musician and teacher has together spanned over thirty-five years. He has conducted and arranged music for a variety of choreographers and productions and has performed both nationally and internationally as a featured artist. Some of his professional experiences have included playing in bands and orchestras that have backed vocal performances by the likes of Arthur Prysock Marvin Gaye Dionne Warwick Frankie Avalon and other outstanding vocalists.

Complimenting his time as an avid artist as an avid educator he has conducted music seminars in Hamilton New York as well as Professor and Director of Afro-American Music Studies at the State University of Buffalo New York.

Recorded between 1973 and 1999 "We Are Not Separate From Spirit We Are In It" is an eclectic compilation of largely pure elements of Jazz as well as some instances of classical music. Songs like "Behavior Control" and "Psychic Impulses" which respectively feature woodwind and string quartets bear out this latter musical genre while songs like "Fall From Grace" and "Alankara" retain a much more distinctive Jazz feel.

However dominant throughout much of the album are strings which California Radio Host Mark Maxwell aptly labels as "super-hip." "Everlasting Beauty" combines the original poetry of Marsh's daughter Tanya with the illustrious voice of Ms. Henrietta Robinson who brings to life the picture of a beautiful and enchanted scene that could last forever. In addition six other outstanding tracks testify to the musical mastery of this multi-faceted artist. Hailed "The Best of 2003" by RISE 90.7 FM come journey into the sophisticated mind and spirit of Milton Marsh.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Milton Marsh
  • CD Title: We Are Not Separate From Spirit, We Are In It
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Genre: Other
  • Record Label: Alankara Records
  • Artist's Instrument: Alto Saxophone / Composer / Arranger
  • Tracks: Fall From Grace, Everlasting Beauty, Alankara, Behavior Control: Movement #4, Lighter Side of Dark, Natural Order, Psychic Impulses, Sabotage: 3 Preparations, Tana, Issues, Metamorphosis
  • Musicians: Milton Marsh (alto sax), David Eure (violin), Melvin Simms (violin), Michael Ireland (viola), Betty Hillmon (cello), Richard Johnson (piano), Brian McCree (bass violin), Jazz Sawyer (drums), Henrietta Robinson (vocalist), Andrew Jones (violin), Mona Roberts (viola), Milton Ward (trumpet), John Licata (trombone), Gene Adler (piano), Keith Gibson (drums), Judy Kaufman (flute), Paul Schlossman (oboe), Andrew Stiller (clarinet), Bruno Eberspacher (bassoon), Beye Fyle (french horn), Robert Perkins (drums), Syd Smart (percussion), Donald Becker (viola), John Ross (piano), Bill Cody (tenor sax), Reynold Scott (baritone sax/flute), Sinclair Acey (trumpet), Kamal Abdul-Alim (trumpet), Charles Stevens (trombone), Cedric Lawson (piano), Greg Bandy (drums), Donald Pate (bass violin), Jessica Gill (harp)
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